Sweet Protection

Tough stuff for
tough nuts

Mountain raiders

If you’re out riding in rough weather, you’re a badass. Period.


Mountain raiders

They say that friendship is about finding people who are your kind of crazy. So, when a dad, a designer, and a sales clerk each combine an average body weight of 80 kilos with just 8 kilos of carbon fibre, they become the mightiest of friends. Through gritted teeth and fierce determination, these biking Vikings regularly carve their way through jagged Norwegian terrain. Continuously challenging each other. Forever pushing themselves. Endlessly burning up the roads. These are men for whom nothing gets in their way. Nothing but indestructible friendship.

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Sweet Road bike

Film production - 60sek
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Client Sweet Protection ( Christian Erga)
Agency Dinamo
Art Director Øivind Kristiansen
Copywriter Helge Ove Søndenaa Svendsen
Account Manager Heidi Holm
Project Manager Anne Gro Carlsson
Creative Andreas Bastian Nordberg
Director of photography Petter Holmeren
Music score Indianarane
Director / photographer Aksel Jermstad
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