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This is a story about salmon farming. But more importantly, it’s a story about the people at Cermaq, the climate surrounding them, and their mission to support sustainability in their industry. My assignment gave me the opportunity to explore Cermaq’s salmon farms in the rustic north of Norway, the west coast of Canada, and finally, the windswept wilds of Chile. What I got was an access all areas pass, which is something truly unique for a global food producer. I also got to meet some wonderful people and witness some staggering scenery.

Forsan - Production and research facility
Skutvik - Fish Farm
Newly hatched smolt
Traditional Chilean salmon

Cermaq - Brand story

Film production 3min
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Client Cermaq (Anders Tofte Wilhelmsen)
Agency The Oslo Company
Art Director Andreas Bastian Nordberg
Art Director Abel Aga
Director of photography Andreas Bjørseth