From past glories to future stories

Leading a new breed of athletes

All Norwegians are born with skis on their feet. But only some wear the speed to win.


From the ashes of past glories rises a new breed of athletes. Faster. Better. Stronger. Dæhlie is proud of its Norwegian skiing legacy, which extends throughout everything it does. It aims to inspire people by encouraging them to embrace nature and enjoy a healthy life. Throughout all weather. Throughout all terrains. From beginners to hardcore pros, Dæhlie continues to spur on the winners of today and tomorrow. Repeatedly breaking fresh ground. Regularly smashing records.


For those who are fast on the ground yet aim for takeoff.

Supreme jacket

Film production - 60sek
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Our incredible crew

Client Dæhlie Sportswear - Linda Linnebo
Client Dæhlie Sportswear - Monessa Tørge
Client Dæhlie Sportswear - Susan Vea Johnsen
Designer Kristine Lillevik
Cinematographer Eivind Aurstad
Director / photographer Aksel Jermstad
See you in the trails