Weekend warriors

Go wild for a while

Life was meant for good friends and great adventures

Most Norwegians don’t have to board a plane to experience the wonders of the world. They just jump in their car or hop on a tram or train and in no time at all are experiencing some of the most breathtaking scenery on the planet. Because in Norway, it’s just beyond the doorstep. See you in our backyard!

Meet with the gang, load up the Cherokee, stick some vibey tunes on and hit the road. Time for some serious local adventure.

To experience something out of this world, you need endless miles of space.

There’s no axe to grind in these parts. ‘Cause when the air’s this fresh, the scenery takes your breath away.

Life’s about maxing out the good times with the people you love the most.

As far as fashion goes, it pays to be the leader of the pack.

Friends who sleigh together, stay together.

Our incredible crew

Client GRESVIG / SMFB (Trude Alnæs)
Art Director Hans Martin Rønneseth
Copy writer Andre Koot
Stylist Ingvild Eiring
Account Director Pål Fasseland
Account Manager Marianne Sørlie
Director of photography Eivind Aurstad
Production manager Brigitte Western
Production assistant David Lewis
Photographer Aksel Jermstad
See you out there